Done-for-you AI-powered cold email system that sells on autopilot for you

Launch your cold email campaigns is as simple as pressing 'send'
and effortlessly scale your outreach for a steady flow of leads
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It's more than just a cold email tool

Get complimentary technical and email delivery setup by our expert team, ensuring 100% email delivery and landing you in the inbox, not in spam
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Purchase Stacks
Purchase emails, domains & other necessary stacks to build system
Infrastructure Setup
Email & domain Infrastructure Setup, Adding emails to Cubeshell
Email Warm Up
Unlimited warmup boosts & maintain sender reputation
APIs & AIĀ Integration
Integrate API, CRM & Zapier based on custom needs
Email &Ā Domain Health Monitoring & Weekly Reporting
Email Deliverability
Ensure everything is perfectly setup & signal green light to start

Trusted by top teams

Customers successes

lead gen agency booked 25+ meetings in 39 days

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85%+ Open rate
30%+ Reply rate
104 Interested leads
Customers successes

A creative agency booking 4+ meetings every week for the last 4 months

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Average 75%+ open rate
19%+ Reply rate
60+ Meeting booked

Integrate with best outbound sales tools

Seamless integration with the apps you already love and use every day.
Choose the Right Tools
We guide you to the best outbound sales stack. We are all about fitting AI into your sales strategy, making your outreach smarter and more effective.
Automated Sales Success
We automate prospecting and lead generation and handle the complex parts, setting you up to close deals with ease. Jump into smarter sales with us.
Customer Stories

What our customers say about us

Increase in meeting booking
Meeting booked in 90 days
CubeShell not only met our expectations but exceeded them. In just two months, they helped us sign a six-figure contract and facilitated over 60 meetings, showcasing their effectiveness in generating quality leads. Their expertise in building and maintaining our cold email system, coupled with their strategic guidance for email campaigns, played a pivotal role in achieving these impressive results.
Elijah McHenry
Founder, South Of LA
Increase in client acqusition
Meeting booked per month
Cubeshell has truly elevated our marketing agency's growth trajectory. Through their expert strategies, particularly in cold email outreach, we experienced a remarkable increase in client acquisition, improved deliverability, and streamlined management. Their meticulous approach ensured perfect execution every step of the way, making our collaboration seamless and highly effective. The team was a game-changer for Leadify, and we eagerly anticipate further successes together.
Matthew Pannowitz
CMO, Leadify

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